Professional Work

An archive of my articles from Fairfax/Nine publications can be found here.

Below is a selection of some of my best articles over the years.

Australian Cyber Security Centre to relocate from ASIO headquarters
In 2014, the Australian Cyber Security Centre moved into ASIO’s brand-new, custom-built headquarters in Campbell. Just two years later, they wanted out. The Canberra Times

Explaining the presidential electoral college to Australians
Just before the 2016 US election, I had a look at the electoral college system and applied it in an Australian context. The Canberra Times

A violent death hits Queanbeyan
In April 2017, Queanbeyan service station attendant Zeeshan Akbar was stabbed to death while working. The community, from worshippers at his mosque through to coworkers and passersby shocked at the horror, turned up in force for a candelight vigil after the suspects faced court. The Canberra Times

Do Canberrans follow the Anzac Day ‘heating rule’?
Canberrans revel in their resistance to the cold through the “Anzac Day rule”, a social pressure not to use any heating in your home before April 25. I went to the utility companies to see how steadfastly the rule was followed. The Canberra Times

Canberra’s turbulent introduction of number plate messages
As the ACT government conducted a public poll on a new slogan for the territory’s number plates, I had a look at the history of such slogans. The Canberra Times

We tried: Questacon’s John Howard Walk of Wonder
My contribution to a fun weekly column called ‘We Tried’, in which CT staff tried out new or unusual experiences around the capital. I test-drove (test-walked?) an educational tour of the Parliamentary Triangle to reveal the science around us. The Canberra Times

Armidale’s capital territory
In 2016, the federal government planned to relocate the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to the regional NSW town of Armidale. We had plenty of reaction from Canberrans about the decision, so I went to Armidale to ask locals their opinion. The Canberra Times

Turning death into a final act of generosity
A look at the process of body donation for research at the Australian National University. The Canberra Times

Google gives Canberra an ocean beach
This was a fun little story: an algorithmic error showed any would-be visitors to Canberra browsing Google Maps a far saltier, sandier impression of the inland capital. The Canberra Times